About Us

Welcome to Optibac Probiotics. We specialize entirely in probiotics and are proud to be the UK & Ireland’s most trusted & recommended brand of probiotic supplements.

When it comes to probiotics, it's not a question of one-size-fits-all. That's why our wide range of supplements is backed by science and made for individual health needs & life stages. Founded with the belief that everyone deserves to feel their best, Optibac is home to the most researched strains of probiotics in the world.

We always prioritise the most most natural ingredients, and we care about our planet and others. Find out more below. 

Choose the experts

As specialists in probiotics we have a wide range of products to meet your individual health needs. Our supplements are extensively researched and proven to pass through stomach acidity, bile salts and digestive enzymes.

We’re proud winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and are committed to helping our planet and others, as demonstrated by our support for organisations such as Womankind Worldwide.

Whether you’re just starting your probiotic journey, or have been taking live cultures for years, you can have confidence in choosing Optibac.

Why Optibac?

Especially for you 

We specialise in friendly bacteria and our wide range offers specific, well researched strains for your individual needs.

Backed by science  

Our expert range has been developed with 20 years experience, and is home to the most researched strains in the world.

A more natural option

We always prioritise natural ingredients and take care to avoid unnecessary additives like sugars & flavors.

Award winning & rated 'Excellent'

Consumers around the world have rated us 5 stars on the independent review platform, Trustpilot, and we are proud winners of the Queen's Award for Enterprise.

Caring & committed  

We're a UK family business, and we care about doing good even beyond our supplements range. We have donated over $1,500,000 to charity since our launch.


Committed to running a sustainable business, we've reduced our environmental impact including eliminating plastic from our packaging wherever possible.

Something for everyone

Optibac offer supplements to suit all the family. This includes infants, toddlers, pregnant & breastfeeding mothers, children, vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs and those looking for gluten-free or lactose-free supplements. 

Just like people, strains are unique too. We make it our mission to create probiotics for you, no matter your age, circumstance or diet. We achieve this by using different strains to do different things. 

Each strain of good bacteria in our supplements are researched by a team of expert microbiologists. This research includes looking at all the effects of a strain has on the body during specific life stages, so you get friendly bacteria that’s wholly specialised. It’s also why we’re completely transparent. We always list the exact strains in our supplements and not just the microorganism’s family and species.